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    Crack ICSE is an awesome internal assessment platform that helps students reach maximum potential to dominate the ICSE board exams.

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    Improve Grades

Used by all leading ICSE Schools

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Crack ICSE is an Adaptive Learning, Assessment and Performance Analysis platform that identifies areas where you can improve. It also lets you see how you are doing relative to not just your classmates but students across all the other prestigous schools as well. It's ridiculously easy to use, yet extremely powerful!
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    Video Lessons & Quizzes

    Watch video lessons and solve practice quizzes to best prepare for school exams. The video lessons help with self paced learning and enable you to quickly obtain subject mastery. The quizzes are diagnostic and will help you learn exam patterns and reinforce concepts.
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    School Exams

    Many questions in the school internal assessment exams will be similar to the questions already solved by you in the practice quizzes. Performance in these exams is what finally counts, and you can make sure to dominate them by watching the video lessons & solving the practice quizzes conscientiously.
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    Detailed Feedback

    Get detailed solutions for all assessments, analytics on relative performance, and summarized reports on areas needing improvement.


Crack ICSE is an Assessment Generator and Analysis platform. It allows you to create your own custom assignments within minutes, takes care of all the tedious corrections, and then provides you with detailed reports on student performace and areas they had difficulty with. You have full control over every aspect of the platform, and can tailor it beautifully and intricatelly to match your teaching style!
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    Assignment Engine

    Pick Questions from our large database or even create your own. For each question see stats such as difficulty level (% of students that have historically got it correct). You can automatically set exams to generate different questions for each student in class and even make them adaptive if you want!
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    Easily send out messages such as reminders on exam dates to students and their parents via email or sms. You can even create your own templates to automate parts of this communication.
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    Key Insights

    Upon Exam completion, detailed reports on class performance will be emailed to you. This reports contains analysis such as the questions your class had difficulty solving and possible reasons why. You can see how your class is performing relative to not just other classes in your school, but across classes from all the other prestigous schools as well.


Schools obtain access to cutting edge technology that helps enhance the asssessment, evaluation and reporting practices currently in place, while enriching learning and teaching experiences.
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    The platform introduces tremendous efficiency for both students and teachers leading to enhanced performance. For example, teachers' correction work load reduces by around 40%, allowing them to spend more time interacting with students to have an even larger impact.
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    Tech Support is provided to students and teachers 7 days a week via online chat, email and phone. Also, complete hardware and software support is provided to the school for the internal assessment exams held in the computer lab.
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    Relative Performance

    See how your school is performing relative to others on a weekly basis. You will be provided actionable data points that will show you both the strong and weak areas allowing you to make better informed decisions to continuosuly improve and be the best.